What are yet to be known

Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning products have helped to obtain crucial information surrounding the spread of the virus. In view of this, the following aspects remain undiscovered in for the time being.

AI/ML - Related knowledge gaps

WHO-China joint mission - 24 Feb 2020

On the subject of surveillance & monitoring
  • Monitoring community transmission through :
    • 1.ILI surveillance
    • 2.SARsurveillance - YIELD
  • Outbreak trend :
    • 1. Basic Reprd No. in various stages of epidemic
    • 2.Relation to seasonality
  • Intervention dynamics
On the subject of prevention & control measures
  • Identify "key epidemic indicators" that can inform "adjustment of control strategy"
  • Effectiveness of entry & exit screening ?
  • Effectiveness of PH control measures & their socioeconomic impact:
    • 1.Restriction of movement
    • 2.Social Distancing
    • 3.School & Work closure
    • 4.Mask in general public
    • 5.Mandatory quarantine
    • 6.voluntary quarantine with active surveillance