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Government of Sao Paulo announces finalists of PitchGov São Paulo

They selected 15 startups with the highest scores, according to the press release; innovative initiatives aimed at improving public administration.

The 15 finalists of the first edition of the Pitch Gov SP, a program that seeks to attract startups with innovative approaches to the challenges of public administration in health, education and facilities to citizens, were announced by Governor Geraldo Alckmin on Tuesday (17) in Bandeirantes Palace. The event took place on Tuesday (16), in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Startups (ABStartups).

We had a big hit on the first pitch Gov SP. There were 304 Startups participating and these were the 15 selected . They are good projects to solve major problems and improve the quality of life of the population in an innovative way,” said the governor.

Watch here the video presentation of finalists that was displayed during the event at the Bandeirantes Palace.

Entrepreneurs have registered their initiatives and proposed solutions to the challenges of public administration. Proposals have passed through analysis of departments involved, together with the ABStartups.

Ideas are presented in Pitch Gov SP with the presence of representatives of the Government of the State of São Paulo, the country’s great entrepreneurs, potential investors and other people involved in this ecosystem of innovation.

The area received the largest number of proposals was education, with 136 subscribers. Selected participants are listed on the site Pitch Gov SP. “Pitch Gov SP was so good that we’re already thinking about doing another in the areas of culture, urban mobility, and in the area of ​​utilities and sport, because of the Olympics,” said Alckmin.

Meet the selected projects:


– AIME – Combating Dengue will never be the same! This software can predict, with months in advance and a 400m radius, sites that could become dengue outbreaks.

– Watercolor – A software that transforms large amount of data into useful information and enables the development of targeted public policies for groups of patients with similar profiles;

– Memed – An online platform for physicians with reliable and updated information of Anvisa medicines available for consultation, connected to a prescription system that allows the patient to read without difficulty what your doctor recommended;

– Health Platform – A kit that performs the main tests of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes and cholesterol, interprets the results to produce within 20 minutes a full risk assessment to the patient. It thus enables a more rapid and efficient screening;

– Control Health – A platform that provides the history of appointments and tests of patients in one place. Also sends alerts to patients reminding them about the time that the medications should be taken;

Facilities to citizens

– GetNinjas – Marketplace to match clients and professionals. This is a virtual space that helps students trained by the Government training programs such as those offered by the Social Fund of State for Solidarity and the Centro Paula Souza, to promote their services and find your customers;

– Handtalk – Introducing our new friend Hugo which translates information from portals and Government of care posts for the sign language;

– IaiNet – Tool that provides free use of wi-fi and allows the Government entendas needs and send targeted content for different audiences;

– Nama – Robot lets citizens, instantly and through different channels, information on services offered by the Government, as the Poupatempo for example or even the scheduling of medical appointments;

– Solution – Platform that identifies professional training courses in accordance with the citizen’s profile.


– App Prova – Platform online testing application that facilitates the correction and interpretation of the results and may even replace the proof on paper;

– Árvore – A platform that offers unlimited access to thousands of books available in a virtual library;

– ClassApp – A virtual phonebook in your phone that connects students, parents and teachers, replacing the old manual agenda;

– DevTecnologia – waste identification software that reduces costs with excessive consumption, eg water and electricity in public facilities;

– Take I – A platform that optimizes the route for school buses to better serve parents and public school students.

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