Big Data for Big Insights

AIME offers data and analytics of global diseases using predictive platforms to steer the future of public health.

Staying Ahead of COVID-19 in Malaysia

Introducing ACURA:
Our analytics and assessment for the COVID-19 pandemic

Big Data for Big Insights

AIME offers data and analytics of global diseases using predictive platforms to steer the future of public health.

Staying Ahead of COVID-19 in Malaysia

Introducing ACURA:
Our analytics and assessment for the COVID-19 pandemic

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Leveraging on Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Solving big global health challenges is at the heart of AIME.It started as the vision of three young professionals to provide public health prodfessionals and decision-makers around the world through state-of-the-art innovations such as Big Data Analytics and AI technology.

Our Humble Beginnings were in the field of Public Health

After years of intensive research in epidemiology and data science, our flagship platform - Airbo (AI for Arboviral Diseases) can predict outbreaks 30 days in advance, at the accuracy of 80% and above,making it the first breakthrough technology in epidemiology and data science. The first pilot to predict the 2016 Zika outbreak has now evolved into a full featured AI platform to tackle multiple mosquito-borne disease line Dengue and Chikugunya.

We believe in tackling diseases before they happen

We build predictive and analytics platform

For decision-makers in cities, countries, and the world

Senior Management

Satya Kumar

Managing Director

Dr. Helmi Zakaria

Chief Executive Officer

Rainier Mallol

Chief Technology Officer

Arvind Nair

Chief Financial Officer


Yee Hui Jia

Head of Data Science

Mellwvn Chew

Head of Product Development

Olsan Viknesh

Head of Operations & Roll-Out

Siti Najiha Izzati

Head of HR, Administration & Finance

Mohamad Izlan Irman

Head of Business Development

Mohammad Ariff Syafiq

Head of Customer Support

Amir Fahmi

Head of Creative

Haiqal Fadzil

Head of Public Relations

We envision Our brand to become the global reference centre for diseases & epidemic predictions.

Shifting Focus from reactive to preventive actions using AI

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Using its abilities which compromise machine learning, speech recognition and functioning as virtual personal assistants, AI enables companies to cut down on human resource cost, increasing the efficiency and accuracy in carrying out laborious activities. Akin to the industrial revolution, computer age and smartphone revolution, AI is considered to be the next big technological shift.

AI in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry has widely incorporated the use of Artificial Intelligence in its applications including storing of patients information in cloud solutions, virtual nursing assistants, and even more complex functions such as robot-assisted surgery.

Healthcare professionals expect that AI will have the greatest immediate impact on population health management programs, patient diagnosis, clinical decision support and precision medicine. In addition, pressures to reduce healthcare expenditures and the lack of preparedness by officials to control disease outbreaks are some factors propelling the growth of this market.

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Machine learning is a type of AI that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It focuses on the development ofcompter software, whose results would change when exposed to new data. It is suited for analysing millions of data to forecast health risks at the population level which would bring about the potential for large savings and would not require the regulatory scrunity expected when trying to anticipate individual health risks.

How Artificial Intelligence Improves Healthcare

AI is expected to revolutionise the healthcare industry by bringing changes that will improve the quality of healthcare and make operations more efficient while cutting down on costs.

Lending our expertise by offering intelligent support through epidemiology , medicine and sociology

Public health Research
Data Science and Engineering
Innovation and Technology

Our tools to improve healthcare and beyond

Using Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, we have created several machine learning tools and engines in line of important issues related to public health.

As global sustainability advocates, we also use our expertise in Data science and AI solution experts to tackle wider development issues related to ill-health such as agriculture practices in South- East Asia and Malaysia.


Analytics for Coronavirus Urgency Assesment


AI Sytem for Antibiotic Resistance Stewardship


AI Console for Arboviral Diseases


Our first pilot project to determine the spread of the 2015-2016 virus epidemic


Case studies :

Our current and past analytics and tools for verifying global health issues.

COVID - 19

Analytical solution on the current pandemic outbreak of a coronavirus

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